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Our Team

It’s not just our approach that's special, it’s also the people that bring it to life every day. We've brought together some of the best educators in Ottawa! With impressive credentials and experience, and a passion for teaching (and learning!), our educators guide the direction and growth of our academy and students. 

Kim Moore

Kim Moore

Director of Clinical Development

At Aspire Academy, Kim works collaboratively with our leadership team to ensure that things are always running smoothly. As a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) therapist, Kim oversees our Lead Teachers as they develop and supervise the individualized programs for each of our students.

Ashley Foster

Ashley Foster

Director of School Development

Ashley plays an important role in the overall success and development of our academy. She supports families and educators as they join our  community, making sure everything is in place for a smooth transition. Ashley leads the day-to-day operations at Aspire Academy with passion and determination!

We love our team of educators and clinicians! They're passionate about creating the best possible experience for our students and their enthusiasm shines through everything they do.  With training and experience in behavioural science our teachers and educational assistants seamlessly integrate comprehensive ABA program goals into academic learning.

Aspire Academy

Are you interested in working at Aspire?


We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to join our team. If you're interested in working at Aspire, send us an email to introduce yourself. Please include your resume!  We'll be in touch to discuss current job opportunities.

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