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Parent Education

Our Parent Education programs are ideal for any caregivers who want to enjoy caregiving more, shift from reacting to responding, and learn effective strategies. Join other parents and caregivers in our 6-week, virtual "Caring for You" or "Caring for Them" series, or access parent education and support through our consultative services. These offerings are available to anyone; you're child doesn't have to attend Aspire for you to access our Parent Education programs. 

Aspire Academy

What to expect:

Caring for You: The goal of this 6-week series is to encourage you to find time to be present with yourself, build self-compassion, and discover the rejuvenating practices and activities that you can engage in to be in the best space possible to care for others. Discussion will include strategies for identifying and reframing aspects of parenting/caregiving that trigger impatience and frustration, as well as the value of modeling the type of behaviour you want your children to engage in. Join with other parents and caregivers for this virtual series.

Caring for Them: This follow-up 6-week series builds on the practices developed in the “Caring for You” series. Discussion will center around practical strategies for being more present with your children, managing difficult parenting/caregiving moments with grace, and fostering cohesive carryover and consistent results from your child’s program at Aspire. Join with other parents and caregivers for this virtual series.

Consultative Services: Our team is happy to provide individualized parent support. Please contact Aspire to discuss this opportunity further.

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Goals and Objectives:

Goals and objectives for our Parent Education programs include: 

  • Setting up your home environment to align with your child's needs

  • Fostering a safe and nurturing home

  • Being more present for our children 

  • Listening effectively to our children and recognizing their needs

  • Finding ways to take time for yourself each day 

  • Allowing yourself to make mistakes gracefully

  • Being able to stop and recognize how you’re feeling in the moment of big emotions

  • Recovering after big emotions

  • Building a village

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Upcoming Sessions:

There are currently no sessions scheduled. Check back soon.

Getting started is as easy as...


Complete our fast and easy online intake form by clicking "Get Started" below.


Connect with a member of our Clinical Team during a virtual Admission Meeting.


Visit Aspire for a tour of our campus and an opportunity for us to get to know your child. Discuss program placement and a plan for enrolment.

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