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1:1 Support

1:1 Support at Aspire provide opportunities for students to proactively learn skills that will help them flourish in many environments including group learning environments and classrooms. Students can participate solely in 1:1 sessions if they are not yet ready to learn in group environments or can receive 1:1 support  in the classroom. Students can also engage in 1:1 pull-out sessions to proactively learn and practice difficult academic and non-academic skills, or work ahead of their classroom group on subjects that they excel in.

1:1 Support is ideal for students who require thoughtful and well-planned prompting, guidance and reinforcement; and for skills to be broken down and taught in smaller steps. 

Aspire Academy

What to expect:

Our ultimate goal is for each student to actively participate and thrive in a group learning environment. 1:1 support, in various forms, can be an essential part of achieving this goal. We offer 1:1 support in the following ways:

1:1 Support in the Classroom: 1:1 support is available for students who require additional individualized support as they transition into or stay in a group learning environment. This support can include providing guidance, motivating the student, encouraging on-task behaviour, validating learning and more. 1:1 support in the classroom helps students become successful members of the classroom and meet the Ontario Ministry of Education objectives.

1:1 Intensive Teaching Sessions: In these sessions, 1 educator and 1 student work together in a learning environment that was designed to minimize distractions and allow the student to focus on learning and skill development. Foundational learning skills and pre-academic skills are taught using evidence-based ABA strategies. Learning goals are achieved through repetition, frequent practice and skill scaffolding.

Aspire Academy

1:1 Pull-Out Sessions: All classroom programs implement 1:1 teaching sessions to encourage students to develop strong learning habits, problem-solving skills and self-regulation. This 1:1 teaching time provides students with additional support for trickier subjects, creating opportunities for extra practice, to break down skills further or teach skills in different ways. Alternately, students can be exposed to advanced curriculum in areas where they excel.

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Goals and Objectives:

Our team of educators and behaviour analysts develop learning plans for each student, which outline the goals and learning objectives that suit their unique learning needs. Potential goals and objectives for students receiving 1:1 Support may be related to:

  • Communication (non-verbal and verbal communication, spontaneous vocal behaviour etc.)

  • Readiness-to-learn and group-readiness skills

  • Pre-academic and academic skills 

  • Self-regulation, coping and adaptive skills 

  • Listener responding skills 

  • Social skills

  • SLP and Occupational Therapy goals are integrated into programs goals as needed 

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  • The 1:1 Support services are available year-round. Students are able to join at any point.​

  • ​1:1 Support sessions are scheduled based on each students’ needs. Our Clinical Team will help determine if and how 1:1 Support fits into your child’s learning program.

  • Before and and After Care is available for those who require flexible pick-up and/or drop-off between 8am and 5pm.

  • All 1:1 Support programs are supervised by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA).

  • Fees for this program can be covered using OAP Funding (i.e. Access OAP, childhood budgets, Interim one-time funding etc.), third-party insurance, private or charitable funds.

Getting started is as easy as...


Complete our fast and easy online intake form by clicking "Get Started" below.


Connect with a member of our Clinical Team during a virtual Admission Meeting.


Visit Aspire for a tour of our campus and an opportunity for us to get to know your child. Discuss program placement and a plan for enrolment.

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