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innovative education for exceptional learners


Aspire Academy Redefining Possible

Redefining Possible

Aspire Academy is redefining what's possible for students with unique learning needs. We're pushing the boundaries beyond traditional education.   

Using innovative, mindful and evidence-based approaches, we provide an educational experience that allows each of our students to discover their unique talents and abilities,  develop self-worth and  independence, and learn the skills they need to grow and succeed.

                                               independence, and learn the skills 


Aspire Academy Individualized Education

Individualized Education

From the moment a student joins Aspire Academy, we're committed to their success. We fully believe in each of our students. We care about what they think, how they feel, and their unique way of learning. 

We tailor our teaching to meet them where they are, then guide, challenge and encourage them to learn new skills and accomplish academic and non-academic goals.


Aspire Academy Dynamc Environments

Dynamic Environments

Thoughtfully and purposefully designed, our teaching and play spaces, as well as our outdoor areas encourage learning throughout the entire day.

At Aspire Academy, learning is inevitable. With the goal of cultivating a life-long love for learning, we offer a safe and positive educational experience for every student. 


Aspire Academy Solid Foundations

Solid Foundations

Aspire families play a central role at our academy because they know our students best! We love collaborating with our families to establish learning goals and discuss the strategies that we can all use to support our students. 

We communicate regularly to overcome any challenges 
that arise and to celebrate our students' accomplishments.

Family engagement is essential for our students' success!


Aspire Academy Positive Change

More information about Aspire

Collective coming soon.

Positive Change

Our vision goes beyond the doors of our academy. Aspire Academy will create a wave of positive change our community, setting a new standard for the education of students with unique learning needs. By developing and sharing resources that are backed by research, collaborating with educators from various disciplines and spreading a positive message about what we can accomplish, we will create a brighter future for everyone.


Visit Aspire.

We happily welcome new families and students for a free, one-hour tour. 

We're excited to show you what's happening at Aspire Academy! 

Your visit will be an opportunity to see our campus, observe instruction,
learn more about our approach and meet some of our educators.

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