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Brrr... it’s getting cold outside! This week, the learners will stay warm inside the classroom while learning about winter animals. The learners will be busy this week doing crafts and activities about polar bears, penguins, foxes, snowshoe hares and more. They will also have a snowball relay race, play with “snow” and explore things that are cold. Let’s get started!


Letter of the week: Xx
Number of the week: 13

Colour of the week: green

Shape of the week: pentagon


Prepare for this week by printing:
Winter Animals Worksheets (1 per learner)

 Fox Picture Set (1 per class)

Winter Animal Action Cards (1 per class)

Winter Animal Picture Set (1 per class)

Owl Picture Set (1 per class)

What’s Missing Mr. Deer? Picture Set                    

(1 per class)


Fish-shaped crackers

Baking soda

Shaving cream

Animal figurines

Large piece of cardboard

Cotton balls


Two large bowls

Jars with twist-off lids

Tongs or Spoons

Ice cube tray

Kid-friendly magazines/flyers

Overview of the Week:

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 10.04.27 AM.png

Click to download:

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