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We’re heading to outer space this week to explore our galaxy. The learners will create their own space books and space themed crafts. They’ll also have fun pretending to be astronauts walking on the moon and riding their rocket ships!  There’s a lot to learn so get ready…3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!


Letter of the week: Ss (for space!)

Number of the week: 1-10 (review)

Colour of the week: yellow

Shape of the week: star

Yellow items

BINGO tokens


Paper cups (10)

Star stickers

Laundry basket

Kid-friendly magazines


Tin foil


Star cookie cutters or stamps

Yellow tissue paper

Overview of the Week:

Prepare for this week by printing:




(1 per learner)

(1 set for every 5 learners)

(1 per learner, in colour if possible)

We’re Going to Outer Space Worksheets 

Outer Space BINGO cards 

Map of Our Solar System 

Space Item Picture Set (1 per class)

Emotions Picture Set (1 per learner)

Activities Picture Set (1 per class)



We're Going to Outer Space Calendar.jpg

Click to download:

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