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We’re heading into the jungle this week with lots of fun jungle animal themed activities! The learners will have the opportunity to dig for animals in the mud, practice their animal sounds and get their legs moving as they run around the classroom like cheetahs!

Letter of the week:   Jj

Number of the week:   7

Colour of the week:   green

Shape of the week:   cone

 Prepare for the week by printing:

Welcome to the Jungle Worksheets (1 per learner)

Jungle Animal Picture Set (1 per class)

Five Little Monkeys Picture Set (1 per class)

Material List

Small toy jungle animals

Green items

Plastic container



Whiteboards + markers

Ice cream cones

Toy bananas

Stuffed monkey toy

Barrel of Monkeys toy


Welcome to the Jungle copy.jpg

Click to download:

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