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Our unique approach combines the best-practices from traditional teaching methods, progressive education and the field of behavioural science. With a growth-based mindset and a focus on teaching the whole child, we're committed to providing each student with a successful educational experience. Read more about our approach below.




Before beginning, each student completes an individualized assessment. Using a combination of evidence-based tools and our curriculum guides, these assessments involve presenting a variety of activities and tasks in order to determine our starting point. These assessments give us the opportunity to learn more about each student. They give us a sense of how they learn, what they like, what they're good at, and what challenges them.
Individualized Education Plans (IEP)

We know that every student learns in a different way. We embrace these differences and create an Individualized  Education Plan (IEP) for each of our students. Our IEPs identify the students' strengths, challenges and learning style. They also detail learning goals, the teaching strategies that will be implemented and how the students' progress will be measured. A unique schedule is created for each student to ensure the optimal balance between group-based learning and intensive teaching.
The Aspire Curriculum

The Aspire Curriculum (kindergarten to Grade 8) was developed with the goal of making the provincial academic standards 
more accessible for students with unique learning needs. We've transformed the Ontario Curriculum by breaking each teaching subject into concrete and measurable skills. Our well-rounded curriculum focuses on traditional academic subjects, as well as language, communication and social skills. The accompanying curriculum assessments ensure that students are learning skills that they can then use in practical and meaningful ways.
Aspire Academy Curriculum 1
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Our educators track our students' learning on a daily basis. The data that's collected guides and influences the way that we teach. When the data shows us that our students are struggling, we adjust our teaching procedures. When the data shows us that progress is being made, we know our students are ready for the next challenge.
Data collection and analysis is a critical part of effective teaching. It allows us to ensure that we're meeting our students where they are, then gently and purposefully challenging them to reach their potential.
Progress Tracking

We know how important it is for parents and caregivers to be engaged in their childs' learning so we communicate with our families regularly. Our educators provide updates at the end of each day through a handy communication app.
Students receive detailed progress reports in November, and report cards in February and June. Parent-teacher meetings are another great opportunity for open communication, problem-solving and goal setting!


Visit Aspire.

We happily welcome new families and students for a free, one-hour tour. 

We're excited to show you what's happening at Aspire Academy! 

Your visit will be an opportunity to see our campus, observe instruction,
learn more about our approach and meet some of our educators.

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