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Turn the volume up; we’re going to make some music! This week, we’ll be learning about different musical instruments through games and crafts. The learners will also play musical chairs, and march in a marching band with the instruments they’ve made!


Letter of the week: Mm (for music!)
Number of the week: 11-15

Colour of the week: black

Shape of the week: triangle


Prepare for this week by printing:
Making Music Worksheets (1 per learner)

Musical Instrument Picture Set (2 per class)

Musical Instrument Puzzle Set (1 per class)

Emotion Picture Set (1 per learner)

Musical Instrument BINGO Cards

 (1 set for every 5 learners)


Paper towel rolls

Styrofoam cups


Large Zip-loc bags

6 Glasses

Metal spoons

Food colouring

Paint stir sticks

Paper plates

Rubber bands

Buttons or dried beans

Jars with a lids

Popsicle sticks (8 per learner)

Gold tissue paper 

Overview of the Week:

Making Music Calendar.jpg

Click to download:

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