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This week, we’re learning all about what keeps us healthy including healthy foods, healthy habits and exercising. The learners will play Simon Says, make their own musical dumbbells and have a dance party every day. We hope you are ready, because it’s time to get HEALTHY!

Letter of the week:   Kk

Number of the week:   5

Colour of the week:   pink

Shape of the week:   rectangle

Prepare for the week by printing:

Healthy Me Worksheets (1 per learner)

Healthy Food Picture Set (1 per class)

Happy Kids Number Set (2 per class)

Shape Picture Set (1 per class)

Healthy Habits Picture Set (1 per class)

Keeping Safe Picture Set (1 per class)

Letter Kk Word Set (1 per class)

Healthy Habits Sequencing Cards (1 per class)

Material List


Plastic containers with a slit in the lid



Toilet paper rolls

Elastic bands

Dried beans

Paper plates

Grocery flyers

Magnifying glass

Mr. Potato Head Toy

Coloured/patterned socks

Overview of the Week:

Healthy Me! Calendar.jpg

Click to download:

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