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Let’s say goodbye to last year and hello to a new one with this fun New Year’s themed week. This week, the learners will practice counting down from 10 to 0 as they play with parachute and do a hopscotch course. The learners will create a time capsule to hold information about their favourite things and crafts that show how tall they are and how big their handprints are! They will also include a picture of themselves in their time capsule so you will need to take time this week to take the learners pictures and have them printed.


Letter of the week: Zz
Number of the week: 14

Colour of the week: purple

Shape of the week: circle


Prepare for this week by printing:
“Happy New Year!” worksheets (1 per learner)

Happy New Year Rhyming Picture Set (1 per class)

Emotions Picture Set (1 per class)


Purple balloons

Shaving cream

Large envelopes (9x12)

Letter-sized envelopes

Large jars (5)

Small jars


Food colouring


Plain party hats

Kid-friendly magazines

Grocery flyers

Peg board and pegs

Broom stick


Measuring tape

Paper plates

Paper fasteners

Popsicle sticks

Toilet paper rolls

Overview of the Week

Happy New Year! Calendar.jpg

Click to download:

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