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The leaves are turning colours and the air is becoming cooler. Do you know what time of the year it is? If you guessed FALL, you are right! Our learners will have tons of fun as they fall into learning this week. We will use noodles and nuts to create fun crafts this week and our fall-themed activities, including pumpkin bowling and leaf tracing, will capture the attention of learners of all levels.

Letter of the week:   Nn

Number of the week:   3

Colour of the week:   brown

Shape of the week:   square

Prepare for the week by printing:

Feels like Fall! Worksheets (1 per learner)

Fall Item Picture Set (2 per class)

Fall Scavenger Hunt Cards (1 set per class)

Material List: 

Leaves (real or fake)




Small/toy rakes

Paper plates


Dry cereal

Toilet paper rolls

Aluminum Foil

Elastic bands

Summer and fall clothes


Empty water bottle


Overview of the Week:

Feels Like Fall Calendar.jpg

Click to download:

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