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  • Is my child a good fit for Aspire Academy?
    We're happy to meet with you to find out! Aspire Academy welcomes students who: are between the ages of 2 and 12; can advance through the Ontario curriculum but have difficulty learning in large-group, traditional education settings; require an adapted curriculum; and/or exhibit challenging behaviors that interfere with learning.
  • What grades do you teach?
    Aspire Academy offers early learning programs as well as elementary programs (kindergarten through grade 8). Our students are grouped by their social/language skills, maturity level, and academic ability so that each environment brings together students who are at similiar developmental stages, creating optimal environments for group learning!
  • Is Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) used at Aspire Academy?
    The simple answer is "yes", but our programs and teaching look a lot more inspiring and fun than science! Our #1 goal is to provide the most effective education available for students with unique learning needs. To accomplish this, we use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) strategies that have been proven to be effective through research. We teach skills that are observable and measurable, and take daily data to ensure that we are on track for reaching each students' personalized learning goals. The beauty of ABA is it's simplicity, not it's complexity. We're excited to show you how ABA-based teaching can be transformed to meet your child's learning style and produce positive, lasting results.
  • Can tuition be covered by the Ontario Autism Program (OAP)?
    Navigating the available funding options is tricky, but we're here to help you make the most of them. Yes, families can use their OAP funding towards their tuition costs at Aspire Academy. Given that our programs are overseen by a psychologist, psychological insurance coverage can also be used.
  • Are you accepting new students?
    We are currently accepting students for the 2021-2022 academic year. Starting this school year, students will be able to join our academy programs in September or January of each year. Admission for the fall cohort will begin in the February before. We offer continuous admission to our Intensive Teaching (1-to-1) program.
  • How is Aspire Academy different from other education options?
    We've combined our favourite aspects of the traditional school experience and the traditional ABA therapy experience...then pushed the boundaries a little futher! The Aspire Academy experience differs from the traditional school experience because: - We offer individualized teaching, within a group setting. - We don't let our students "get lost in the group"; instead we focus their individual learning needs while teaching the group. - An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed and implemented for every student that attends Aspire Academy. - All students receive one-on-one teaching time each day. - We are a homework-free experience. Our students work hard during the day and need time to "just be kids" when they're not at Aspire. - Students are placed in groups based on their abilities and developmental level, instead of their age. - We provide written feedback to our students and their families every day. - We offer flexible drop-off and pick-up times. The Aspire Academy experience differs from the traditional ABA therapy experience because: - We focus on more than just academic goals. - We push our students to develop the non-academic skills that are essential for their overall success. - Our group programming facilitates social skill development, relationship building, self-esteem and much more! - We don't rely solely on evidence-based assessment tools or curriculums - we've created our own! - Our educators take teaching away from the table, bringing it into art, music, and outdoor education. - We value our families and work really hard to build a community for everyone involved with Aspire Academy.

We're proud of what we do at Aspire Academy and we're happy to share the details with you. If you don't find the information you're looking for below, just ask us!




Join our community.

While providing exemplary education to our students is our top priority, we're also keen on creating an online space for our Aspire Academy families and Ottawa's autism community. Join us online - we'll keep things interesting, we promise!

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