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Emily Pym

Director of Culture and Success

Emily is dedicated to building an amazing culture at Aspire Academy! Her goal is to create the best possible experience for our families and educators through thoughtful and innovative trainings and resources.

We asked Emily 5 questions so that you could get to know her better:

My role at Aspire is a really neat one! My main focus is on supporting our leadership team and team of educators by making sure they have the resources that they need to do the best job they can. I'm also focused on making sure our families have everything they need to get the most out of their experience at Aspire.
1. What's your role at Aspire Academy?
2. What's the most rewarding part of your job?
I love taking an idea and turning it into reality! From the initial brainstorming stage to sharing the finished product, I'm motivated by every step of the process. I really enjoy identifying a gap, imagining potential solutions, thinking through the pros and cons, then executing the final vision. It's a creative outlet for me, and with all of the exciting ideas we have for Aspire, I know my creative juices will be flowing for a while! 
3. What do you envision for the culture at Aspire?
To me, the culture of an organization is a reflection of the people who are working at its' core, the values that guide it and its' future direction. It has a huge impact on how an organization operates and how the people that interact with it feel. It shows up it the big ways, but also in the smaller day-to-day details.
4. Which three words describe you best?
I think the three words that describe me best (especially in my role at Aspire) are organized, thoughtful and reliable. We have a great mix of strengths and skills on our Leadership Team. Our skill sets compliment each other and we all work very well together. Working with so many "big-thinkers" really taps into my love of organization as I help figure out the steps that we need to take to bring their amazing ideas to life. I'm naturally inclined to be thoughtful and aware of those around me, and to always be there when others ask for my support and advice, so my role at Aspire really suits my personality. 
5. What's the coolest thing you're working on right now?
This is a tough question to answer because there are so many great things going on at Aspire right now, but out of all of them, I think the best project I'm working on right now is our employee training. Kim and I are excited to be putting the finishing touches on the training resources for our educators, as well as our leadership team. Inspired by ideas and wisdom from our favourite thought-leaders, our goal has been to create an innovative training curriculum that focuses on teaching foundational behaviour analytic skills while fostering the skills that are essential for being an awesome team member.
In the coming months, I'll be contributing to the online space we're creating for families and the community. I'm excited to be building our "Aspire" brand; one that we hope will quickly become associated with high-quality services, openness and positivity. 
Creating a positive culture, for and with our employees and families, at Aspire Academy is really important to me. We all deserve a space that leaves us feeling satisfied, energized and excited to come back. It's going to take time and continual effort to perfect, but we know that by focusing on positivity, making sure everyone feels supported and valued, and thinking outside the box, we'll create an amazing culture at Aspire!
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