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The learners will be the stars this week as we get to know all about them! This week, learners will complete activities that showcase their favourite things. Each day they will work on creating an “All About Me” poster that they will present to their peers at the end of the week, then bring home to share with their parents. The “All About Me Bag” activity requires parent participation so please plan ahead and ask parents to send in a bag that contains at least 5 of their child’s favourite things, as well as a picture of their family for the learners All About Me posters! There are a number of finger-painting activities this week so everyone will have fun getting messy! The learners will also be enjoying a body movement activity and popping bubbles.

Letter of the week:   Cc

Number of the week:   1

Colour of the week:   purple

Shape of the week:   heart

Prepare for the week by printing:

All About Me Worksheets (1 per learner)

Action Picture Set (1 per class)

Emotions Picture Set (1 per learner)

Activities Picture Set (1 per class)

Material List: 


Small sticky notes

Dried beans

Purple items




Two baskets

Balls or beanbags

Overview of the Week:

All About Me Calendar.jpg

Click to download:

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