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Join in all the fun as we load up our backpacks and head “Back to School!” This week, we will spend some time reviewing a variety of letters. We will also practice matching numbers and counting. A different colour will be reviewed each day and we will learn all about important school supplies such as backpacks, paint, scissors, and crayons. The learners will hop aboard our imaginary school bus while we sing along to “The Wheels On The Bus.”

Letter of the week:   review

Number of the week:   1-5

Colour of the week:   review

Shape of the week:   review

Prepare for the week by printing:

Back to School Worksheets (1 per learner)

Number Cards (2 per class)

Emotions Picture Set (2 per class)

Material List: 

Paper plates



School supplies

Shaving cream

Items that begin with the letter Cc

Items for counting (i.e. pom-poms, blocks)

Balance beam or masking tape

Overview of the Week:

Back to School Calendar.jpg

Click to download:

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